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Divine Quest

A Quantum Leap in personal devolpment and transformation.


has won CNE's award of excellence!

Carmen Schnider-Kemp has put together a lovely opportunity for doing self-healing work.

This CD is recommended for anyone who has unresolved issues they would like to address on their own with the help of guided imagery. It can be used again and again, and with each listening, more is discovered and uncovered. The CD becomes a comfortable and trusted friend, allowing for intimate exploration and transformation of previous issues.

Kathleen Jacobi, senior editor of CNE online magazine.


Divine Quest CD

CNE award of excellence


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Here is The First Easy Step To

Attract an Abundance of Health, Wealth and Bliss by clearing out any spiritual, emotional or physical blocks that are holding you back, all in complete Privacy. See results in as little as 48 hours ...

..WITHOUT Drugs, Pills, Therapists, no need to go on a 7 day quest without food, water, shelter or share your deepest darkest secrets with strangers

Dear Warrior

Are you tired of fighting because no matter how many affirmations you say or how many self-help books you read, you keep attracting the wrong people, wrong jobs, wrong circumstances and somehow the abundance of health, wealth and happiness is still eluding you?

My name is Carmen Schnider-Kemp. I have been facilitating transformational - , team building - change management and leadership workshops, have followed steps to enlightenment of every self-help book I could find for the last 15 years and listened to every motivational guru under the sun… Yet, after a particularly challenging year, I almost lost my husband, my home, my car, my health, my dignity, self-worth and everything else that is dear to me.


Then I discovered the truth about why all the self help books and workshops do not work significantly or lastingly.. and here is why…

I, like many of you, have spent the last couple of years looking for that “magic wand” that would allow me to finally find my soul mate, achieve an abundance of health, finances, happiness, joy and bliss. Having experienced a turbulent period with unprecedented emotional and physical challenges, I was flabbergasted at the issues that surfaced. I was faced with belief systems, which had no roots in my own past. Determined to get to the bottom of this, I started to look at my life from every possible angle.

I could see all the things I did wrong yet, I felt helpless to change. No matter how many affirmations I said each morning, how much visualization and seeding I practiced, the brown stuff still flew left, right and center. I read numerous self-help books simultaneously. The accumulation of wise words was not without impact on my life. And I found that the most important reason for my stumbling was hidden deep inside..

I had to discover what my sponsoring thoughts were and where they originated from, so I could change them and get them to work for me instead of against me!

I discovered a web site, where the changes that I went through were described in detail. The first wave of changes I underwent, were called " the Octarine shift", shortly thereafter followed by a more intense Quantum Shift. I got more and more frustrated. I tend to have a healthy skepticism about anything that sounds too esoteric or outlandish. The message talked about..

.. a new level or harmonic of Experience and Love,"Angelic Fire", and it is transformative and regenerating energy, joyous and wonderful, that the energy that is coming in is pure love, and that as it heals, it seeks to bring up everything that is not love, we are cautioned to remember that only Love is real, and that all else is an illusion.

I certainly did not feel very blessed and wonderful when I almost lost my family, my dignity and everything else that was dear to me, that it is all an illusion - did not help either. It reminded me of knowledge I had to cram in for exams; “Head” -stuff that although most possibly true, did not mean anything in my life because it lacked practical application.

A lot of brilliant self-help books were created through an enlightening personal experience, which the author then shares with his/her readers. This as such is not wrong and there will be many souls that manage to benefit significantly from these endeavors, as have I.

Yet as only tools, they don't produce lasting transformation!

The truth is, many of these authors had long time-outs that lead them to the aha-moments.


One of my favorites, Dan Millman, spent years under careful guidance of his teacher “Socrates” and months on a sacred island of Hawaii under the wings of a Kahuna. Both teachers sent Dan on visual trips to help him on his way to become a Peaceful Warrior.

Eckehart Tolle who wrote “The Power of Now” lived up to his 30 th birthday in a stage of almost continuous anxiety interspersed with periods of suicidal depression. It was only on a day so dark and bleak he wanted to die, that he plummeted through the vortex and and "Got it". He digested his newly found bliss for almost two years sitting on park benches with no job, no relationships etc. (Eckehart Tolle: 1999)


Most of you cannot afford 2 years or even 2 months away from your families and jobs.

So you can read about it, but not experience or reproduce it.

Imagine you had never tasted a tomato. Somebody tries his best to explain to you what it tastes like. You read a book about it and have visited a workshop about what tomatoes taste like, but still you have never tasted one. This is what the word creates. It is somebody else, speaking about an experience, an experience we most likely never manage to reproduce because that specific Kahuna has passed away, you live too far from Haiti or do not have 2 years of your life that you can spend focusing exclusively on your growth. The experience you read about was not yours but somebody else’s.

I was looking at all areas that have ever bothered me with processes, which failed to produce lasting results, and contemplated why they had failed.

This is where it hit me with a blinding flash of obviousness!

If I intend to create a process that enables you to attract an abundance of health, wealth and happiness, it must..

- allow you to discover and experience the origin of your sponsoring thoughts, so you can clear them out and replace them with new thoughts that represent who you are now! Sponsoring thoughts steer your life; unless you change them, all conscious thoughts and affirmations are meaningless. Clear out the unhealthy thoughts, underlying your thoughts, will allow you to attract the right people, circumstances, finances, health and jobs into your life

- be independent of outside sources like Therapists, gurus, facilitators or persons needed to share with but you must be able to enjoy maximum privacy. There are experiences that you just don't want to share, not even in diluted form with anybody; processing in complete privacy will allow you total honesty. I have seen too many facilitators creating a dependency in their workshop participants and exploiting the participants because of knowledge they gained about them during the workshop

- be completely safe, natural and empowering, fully steered by your own body's inherent intelligence, so it will only allow you to process what you are ready to tackle. I have seen too many Transformational workshops in which facilitators break people down, force them to look at things way beyond their comfort zone and then try to build them up afterwards, often failing dismally leaving the participants off worse than before the workshop

- heal any spiritual, mental, physical 'dis-ease' and disharmony in your body, mind and soul from the inside out; you were created with a perfect immune system that is fully capable to produce any medication your body requires to heal by itself. Medicine has created Prozac, Ritalin, Adderall, Paxil and the like, mimicking substances found in your own bodies' immune system. As 'dis-ease' first happens in thought, shows up in your energy body (aura) long before it manifests into the physical body, then creates cellular memory and leads to physical illness, it can be reversed naturally

- be totally flexible and portable, independent of appointments other than appointments with your own self. As business people and family members, especially with young children, you can often "steal" an hour here or there during the week in the day, as the opportunity arises. Yet these moments are almost impossible to pre-plan. After a long day of work, cleaning up behind your family, being a partner to your spouse, a mother/father to your kids and pets, you are often exhausted enough to fall asleep before the head hits the pillow and don't feel like going anywhere..apart from a warm snuggly bed

- offer you maximum output and benefits for minimal time! The process must be long enough for you to allow you to clear cell memories that do not serve you yet it must not be too time consuming, otherwise you won't carry on doing it.

- be completely relaxing, peaceful, bliss-full and leave you lighter, relieved, with a better understanding of life and empowered to change what no longer represents who you are now

- be fun, light heartened, joyful and allow for exciting experiences every time you do it, so you are looking forward to the process with anticipation and curiosity as to which answers you will be getting this time

- allow for different depths of experience, the longer you practice the deeper, insightful and more powerful the experience for you, like a chosen sport or hobby, that gets more exciting as your level of mastery deepens

- facilitate an undiluted, direct, honest experience that is your own and can stand up to self-scrutiny and your most powerful inner guidance, your heart

- be neutral, coming from source, not be bound to culture, race, religion, position or financial status, therefore accommodate you growth, especially when you manage to change what you desire so you can have ongoing benefit

- be magical and reconnect you to your innocence, when you felt whole and were not taught yet to think of yourself as failure, sinner and all other labels you have been conditioned to chastise yourself with

- allow you to tap into universal consciousness or source of all creation and intelligence, otherwise it limits you and forces you to process through somebody else's map of the world and prejudices

- be affordable without having to fork out money every time you want to process nor pay license fees, or have any other restrictions

That is when I embarked on a powerful Self-Quest to create a process that fulfills all the above criteria. This revolutionary tool called Divine Quest allows you to heal physical, emotional and spiritual blockages from the inside out! The name is a mouthful, but so are the changes you are going to experience when you start using it.


Hi Carmen

I just want to say Thank You for introducing me to the Divine Quest CD at the Angel Day. I just had to get home and try it! It was a powerful experience and moving in a way that I just could not imagine. I was quite surprised at what came up, but glad I could deal with it finally. I am positive that doing the meditation regularly will definitely help.

Oh, and you are so right in saying that the music is just as powerful! The whole meditation is so beautiful! Anyway, I just wanted to be in contact and send my gratitude!

In light and love!

Zarlene Zwahlen


How does the Divine Quest work?

Sir Charles Sherrington, Nobel-prize winner, with honorary doctorates from over 21 Universities and leading English neurophysiologist, wrote that every cell has its own intelligence. If it is healthy, it knows its own perfect function (Man on His Nature The Gifford lectures, Edinburgh: New York: MacMillan: 1937-1938).

The body cell’s intelligence includes memory. Dr. Candace Pert, an internationally recognized pharmacologist and neuroscientist has published over 250 scientific articles on peptides, their receptors and the role of the neuropeptides in the immune system. She claims that even when we are emotionally stuck on a version of reality that does not serve us, there is always a biochemical possibility of changing this reality. We can evolve from there. (Molecules of Emotion, Why You Feel the Way You Feel, (Scribner:1997). Our cells remember past emotions and trauma and reply to this with a net of chemical signals. Each cell is a container for signals established by previous experiences. To heal naturally, we need to change the cell’s “angst” that keeps passing on dysfunctional or toxic memories to every new cell generation.

Divine Quest is a guided Imagery Quest that assists you in unlocking the cellular memories that created disharmony in your body, mind or spirit.

Quite often when you hold on to a memory for so long, it becomes larger than life. You dare not even look in that direction. With Divine Quest, you process in a safe environment with the necessary privacy; you create the circumstance that offers you a glimpse backwards. You empower your younger self with the necessary skills and tools to effect a biochemical change. This changes the stored reality and allows you to evolve. When you take a glimpse backwards, you might be surprised at how insignificant the event, that shaped you, appears. Yet, at the time of the experience, your younger self might not have had access to the resources to interpret the event in a healthy way, or to change the outcome. Whether it is a tiny incident or a crime, your own body’s inner wisdom will take you only as far and deep as you are prepared to go. If you process and keep falling asleep, not to worry. It just means your body is processing subconsciously.


Do you like asking for directions?

I don't. Either people are too embarrassed to say they don't know and point you in the wrong direction or they plain don't know. Now they brought a technological invention called GPRS on the market. You get in your car and experience a friendly female voice taking you safely to the desired destination. No embarrassing moments having to stop pedestrians along the road and ask for directions. The same applies to Divine Quest . The process is your GPRS system of emotions. No need to ask embarrassing questions or bare your soul, a friendly female voice takes you safely to your destination.


"Divine Quest has helped my children and I become empowered to look deeper into ourselves. It is an excellent and simple tool to assist with clearing sequences that affect our bodies. I love the fact that it empowers the individual and allows the work to be done in your own timeframe."

Kathryn Kendall

Vice President of a US Fortune 50 Company and mother of 2



Are you ready for a Quantum Leap in personal transformation and therewith..


- Get back to divine health by learning how to re-connect your body, mind and spirit

- Tackle health issues from the inside out chemical free through your own body’s inherent healing abilities by clearing out energy blockages stored in your cells

- Learn how to clear your allergies and chronic ailments in a non-toxic way, medication free

- Get in touch with what you really want from life by finding your purpose and passions

- Attract your dream job by clearing out the emotional blockages and sponsoring thoughts holding you back from manifesting what you deserve

- Improve your finances by learning how to put sponsoring thoughts and belief systems in place that allow financial abundance into your life

- Teach people how to treat you properly by learning what causes them to treat you wrong

- Attract the right people into your life and change old belief systems that were handed down to you from your parents/grandparents that are of no use to you

- Improve your relationships with your spouse, children, boss, friends by discovering and clearing the root issues that keep on re-creating disharmony

- Become self-confident and stand up for yourself in all situations by learning how to re-claim your power.

- Become self-reliant by healing emotional blocks to independence

- Develop a peaceful, nourishing relationship with yourself by healing long held beliefs others have imprinted on you.

- Connect with your authentic self in safe, tranquil settings with your mentor of choice on a beautiful quest

- Release anger and toxic emotions by finding and clearing what is causing them

- Put traumas and depressions behind you by discovering and clearing out the root causes and learning how to set yourself free

- Make peace with your past by finding out which control dramas people used against you and how it influences your present

- Learn how to transform your life, re-kindle a magic touch and passion that makes you want to leap out of bed in the mornings with delight

- Get back to your ideal bodyweight by clearing the energy blockages that unbalanced your natural body weight in the first place

- Develop a personal relationship with your creator and connect to global consciousness that lets you find answers to every question you ever had..


then this program available on CD or MP3 download is for you!


Reclaim your power and create an abundant future for yourself now.

If you order before 10th April 2012 you qualify for an extra 2 bonuses, completely free of charge.


Bonus Report 1:

(Value US$ 24.75, yours free)

7 Steps to create win-win situations with 21st century children


You might all have heard or read about Indigo and Crystal children, if those terms do not mean anything to you yet, you might have experienced or read about "strong willed children". There are lots of tips and tricks of how to make these "hard-headed" children submit, behave disciplined and fit in. Unfortunately a lot of those so called famous experts give you tips that our forefathers used. These tips and tricks are based on obedience and conventions that have worked in the 19th Century. 21st century children will either withdraw and lose your trust, or rebel and fight. With either reaction, you lose their trust and respect. This report allows you to become a parent the child can trust and rely on, with children that behave and respect you because you have built on their innate desire to do so, not because their will has been broken.


Bonus 2:

(Value 24.75, yours free)

6 weeks free e-mail support

Sometimes it is easier to let go of old habits and beliefs when you know, there is somebody who cares that you are there and working on yourself. If you have any queries regarding the CD/MP3, questions regarding implementation, or would simply love some guidance, you will have my personal e-mail address. I guarantee you a 24 - 48 hour response time (48 hours if your request/questions arrive in my mailbox after 4 pm Friday afternoons or over week-ends). To make sure you get full benefit for the full six weeks of support, you can register on receipt of the CD or when you downloaded the MP3 and the six weeks only count from date of registry.

All music on this CD/MP3 by world famous artist Andrew Brel, creator of Diana Coopers Angel Music

To ensure that clients will have the best possible transformation and relaxation experience, I enlisted the help of World famous musician Andrew Brel; Andrew is the inspired artist who created Diana Coopers Angel music. The musical background and integral transformation tool on this program is from Andrew Brel's Album MUSIC FOR KUMEKA. The album took around nine months of sound design and frequency adjustments and contains some fine inspirational performances by friends including Peter Stone on piano, Becky Whiting on Flute, Tim Spinks on Nylon guitar, and a vocal cameo from Leo Sayer. Andrew's fabulous album allows you to tap into universal consciousness and get in touch with your divine mentors. The album was featured in the Cygnus Review, which helped to sell out the first pressing within a Month of release.

If you are ready to make relaxation and joy as well as an abundance of health, wealth and happiness part of your life, then here is how to claim your CD at US$ 34.95 (ZAR 195.- for South African citizens), including your 2 unique bonuses:



Order Divine Quest CD via secure server

To order your "Divine Quest " CD via secure server today for only US$ 34.95 (ZAR 195.- for RSA citizen's) plus shipping costs, along with your two free bonuses, click on the cover on the left or the link above.


When you order online and your payment is successful, you get directed to the links of your 2 bonuses and can start to download them immediately. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 - 48 hours that contains shipping details and your invoice.

Or if you can't wait for the courier service to deliver your CD within 4 - 7 working days, or would like to save the shipping costs, then here is how you can claim your MP3 at US$ 29.95 (ZAR 145.- RSA citizens), along with your 2 unique bonuses:

Order MP3 download via secure server

To order your "Divine Quest " MP3 download via secure server today for only US$ 29.95 (ZAR 145.- RSA citizens), along with your free bonuses, click on the cover on the left, or on the link above.

Requirements for MP3 download:

Internet access, preferably with a fast line. A dial up connection might not be suitable, as the size of the file is over 40 MB.

When you order online and your payment is successful, you get directed to the MP3 link and can start downloading your Divine Quest MP3 immediately. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains Divine Quest's instructions to the program as well as the links to your three free bonuses.

PS: Just in case you're still hesitating, let me help you with your options...

Option 1: You could choose to do nothing. Some people just like things the way they are. If you're completely satisfied with the way things go in your life, then this probably makes sense. But let's face it...you probably would not have read this far, if you weren't motivated to create some new opportunities in your life. So let's take a look at your other options.

Option 2: You can carry on reading your favorite self help magazines and books and listen to numerous transformation and motivation gurus. This is the option that most people on the transformational path choose and it's the main reason why they destined to attract more of the same that they have already got. Some people are just not ready yet and that is fine too.

Option 3: You can reclaim your power and take the first step to Attract an Abundance of Health, Wealth and Happiness by clearing out any spiritual, emotional or physical blocks that are holding you back, all in complete Privacy and start seeing results in as little as 48 hours ...

PPS: Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Most Warriors on the path of looking for natural health, abundance of wealth and happiness spend 2 - 3 times the cost of this program on drugs and workshops per month and won't see half of the improvement to their mind, body and spirit as they will experience using this revolutionary tool.

Remember, you got nothing to lose with the 60 day money back guarantee, only an abundance of health, wealth and happiness to gain and you no matter what, you still get to keep all bonuses.

Don't delay...take your future into your own hands.

Remember, if you order reaches us before the deadline above you qualify for an extra 2 bonuses, completely free of charge.

Order Divine Quest CD via secure server

Order MP3 download via secure server





Carmen Schnider-Kemp was born and raised in Switzerland. In 1993 she immigrated to South Africa and started a Brand Management job for two international brands. After a successful 3 years in this position, purpose called her to follow her passion and second vocation - training, facilitation and consulting. Since she has consulted and facilitated workshops in change management, on experiential team building, leadership, transformation and various other skills in the corporate world at levels from grassroots to Ceo's. She has designed and facilitated motivational courses for visual spatial learners at primary school and high school level containing modules of learn and study skills and mnemonics.

She is married and has a 3 children. To complement her practical counseling skills gained as Life-Line Counselor at the Life Line Center in Norwood, RSA and over ten years facilitating in the corporate world, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Having been born in the late 60's with an energy labeled"Indigo" today, she experienced the trials and tribulations of growing up with this energy firsthand. She has researched the Indigo-Phenomenon for the last 9 years and compared it to her own experiences as a child, now parent. Her passion is to assist people in their own transformation, find ways that work and create awareness of gray-zones and pie in the sky info.




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